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Ottawa Comiccon Film Festival

Calling all aspiring filmmakers and superhero enthusiasts! Get ready to unleash your creativity and bring your cinematic visions to life! This year, the inaugural Ottawa Comiccon Film Festival invites everyone to participate, and we mean everyone! Whether you’re a seasoned filmmaker with a professional camera or a passionate amateur equipped with just a smartphone, we encourage you to grab your friends, channel your inner superhero, and embark on an exciting filmmaking adventure!

The theme for this year’s Film Festival is “Superpowers.” It’s time to let your imagination soar and create awe-inspiring tales of extraordinary abilities, epic battles, and heroic feats. Whether you want to tell a story of a classic superhero with incredible strength or delve into the depths of unique and unconventional powers, the possibilities are boundless.


Imagine the thrill of seeing your film on the big screen during Ottawa Comiccon 2023, surrounded by fellow comic and pop culture enthusiasts eager to experience the magic of cinema. This is your chance to share your passion for superheroes and filmmaking with a captivated audience.


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About Ottawa Comiccon Film Festival

At the heart of the Ottawa Comiccon Film Festival (OCFF) lies a dedicated team of passionate film enthusiasts – all volunteers with an unwavering love for the art of cinema. It’s their ardor for film that fuels the festival’s success and allows filmmakers like you to shine on the big stage.

For the 2023 edition of OCFF, our esteemed panel of judges is brimming with excitement to witness the diverse and captivating submissions that talented filmmakers like you have prepared. With a keen eye for storytelling, cinematic techniques, and the geek-inspired essence of the festival, our judges are more than ready to immerse themselves in your creations.