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For more information about partnership opportunities with Ottawa Comiccon, please contact us via our Contact Form.


About Ottawa Comiccon

Ottawa Comiccon was launched in the spring of 2012. This annual event dedicated to pop culture takes the form of a fan convention with multi-genre content: comic books, sci-fi, horror, anime, video games and the entertainment world. Ottawa Comiccon is one of the fastest growing paid events in Ontario, attracting an engaged young adult target audience.



Web banners

Get noticed using the Ottawa Comiccon website! Increase your exposure to thousands of fans browsing the site to plan their time at the event.



Facebook and/or Instagram ads

The Ottawa Comiccon Facebook and Instagram fan pages have about 37,000 followers and keeps growing! Promote your company with a customized ad and get noticed instantly!



Mobile App

A very efficient marketing tool to reach thousands of attendees at the event!



Corporate logo on promotional material

Your logo will appear on all Ottawa Comiccon promotional material, including posters in different locations, flyers, TV ads, press releases, press conference, etc.



Corporate booth

Maximize your exposure with a 10’ x 10’ booth including two corners and electricity, strategically located on the exhibition floor.



Exclusive sponsored staff/volunteer T-shirts

Put your logo in a prominent location on every staff and crew member shirt. Over 300 shirts will be printed and be a topic of conversation during Ottawa Comiccon.



Onsite banners

Placed in a strategic area of the show, your banner will make a huge impact to all fans, buyers and media.



Badge sponsorship

Your graphic will be featured on all badges (VIPs, exhibitors, artists, guests, volunteers, staff, media partners, press).




Put your logo around the necks of VIP attendees, staff members, media and exhibitors at the show! Lanyards are a like a walking banner: they’re a great way to brand your company!



Official Show Bags

Your bags will be distributed at the show in the lobby. Everyone will be carrying your graphics around with them!



Press Room Sponsorship

Have a new product releasing soon that you want to get in front of the press? Sponsor the press room and have rights to trick it out however you would like! Display books, show videos, leave cookies. Members of the press use this room to take a break, blog, write notes, etc. The room will be named ‘YOUR COMPANY’.



Panel Room Sponsorship

Have a new product releasing soon that you want to advertise? Sponsor a panel room and get noticed! The room will be named ‘YOUR COMPANY’.



Main Stage Sponsorship

Have a new product releasing soon that you want to advertise? Sponsor the main stage (where all main events and conferences take place) and get noticed! The room will be named ‘YOUR COMPANY’.



Ottawa Comiccon Store Sponsor

Put your branding all around the Ottawa Comiccon store located on the show floor!



Title Sponsor

Corporate logo incorporated into Ottawa Comiccon logo (‘Ottawa Comiccon presented by YOUR COMPANY’) in all media forms (Ottawa Comiccon website, posters, radio, TV, newspapers, program guide, badges, backdrops, press releases, etc.); main exhibit hall named ‘YOUR COMPANY’. Plus many other privileges!