Learn-to-play: Conquest First Blood - Comiccon d'Ottawa

Learn-to-play: Conquest First Blood

Saturday 11:00 

Table Top Area (Hall 3)

Note: The first 100 people to take part in the Demo will walk away with a box of miniatures worth $50+!

Conquest: First Blood is a fast-paced Wargame of thrilling Skirmish battles, set in the world of Conquest. Since the very beginning, we have been talking about Conquest being a complete gaming experience, not simply a game. First Blood is another step we take in that direction, in us delivering on that promise. Much like the Living World was designed to allow the players to be involved and experience the lore of Conquest on an entirely different level, First Blood was designed to provide to the players the opportunity to experience a different type of Conquest combat – but still play a Conquest battle. After all, an entire war can be decided in a single skirmish…