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Yeon-sik Hong

Uncomfortably, Happily
Mr. Madang's Table


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Yeon-sik Hong was born in 1971. In 1990, he began apprenticing in a manga studio, and wrote his first short stories (in comics form) in 1992. However, commercial projects kept him from his personal work for another decade. 
In 2005, Hong and his partner tried to move to the countryside. Two years later, Hong began work on a graphic novel inspired by these experiences. Uncomfortably, Happily was published in two volumes in 2012 and quickly became a critical success, going back for a second printing. 
He was twice awarded the Manhwa Today Award from the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism for Uncomfortably, Happily (2012) and Mr. Madang's Table (2015). His works have been published as a webtoon series on the webtoon platform Lezhin.
Today, while they would still like to move back to the countryside one day, Yeon-sik Hong and his partner live on the outskirts of Seoul. 
A Courtesy of Korean Manhwa Contents Agency and Korean Cultural Centre