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Team AnniMae


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Team AnniMae is a sparkle loving, Master level cosplay duo comprised of AnnieChie Designs and Mae-Gwyn Cosplay. AnnieChie Designs is a professional in the costuming industry, working at Upper Canada Village by day and making herself her own costumes in her off time. Meanwhile Mae-Gwyn uses her engineering background to create costumes with unique struture and silhouettes and also dances as a member of multiple idol groups. The two are also skilled performers and have over 20 masquerade awards combined for workmanship and performance, and have both been competing for nearly a decade. This past August Team AnniMae competed in the World Cosplay Summit in Nagoya, Japan, as WCS Team Canada 2023, where they presented detailed Madoka Magica costumes and a very dramatic skit on the world stage. They look forward to judging the talent of Ottawa Comic Con's cosplayers now that they are back in their home country.

Photo by SPS Cosplay Photography