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Renée Witterstaetter

Excess: The Art of Michael Golden
The Sensational She-Hulk

The X-Files (Topps)


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Writer, editor, color artist, and publisher Renee Witterstaetter began the comics phase of her career working on such titles as Superman at DC Comics, and Silver SurferConan The Barbarian, and Conan Saga at Marvel, then went on to spearhead the reintroduction of She-Hulk at Marvel as well. She then moved over to Topps Comics, where she was the editor on X-FilesJurassic Park, Xena, and Hercules, and the co-creator—with Jackie Chan and artist Michael Golden—of the popular series Spartan X.During this time, Renee was also the color artist on hundreds of comics from the Avengers to Spider-Man to Captain America, among many, many more, while writing for The Impossible Man Summer Special, Marvel Age, the Silver Surfer Annuals, and numerous other titles.

She is the author of numerous books, boxing articles, and feature articles, including Dying for Action: The Life and Films of Jackie Chan, from Warner Books, and she contributed to The Fantastic Art from Vanguard Productions and The Art of the Barbarian—Conan, Tarzan and Death Dealer, Volumes One and Two, from Image. She also authored the top-selling Excess: The Art of Michael Golden, which has sold out and gone into a second printing, Tex: The Art of Mark Texeira--The Artist's Great Escape, and more.