Mathi Cosplay - Comiccon d'Ottawa


Mathi Cosplay


Saturday 1 day


Mathi is an addict of anime and video games. Her desire to bring heroes to life pushed her to explore the world of cosplay, finding her costume inspirations in the series of games and manga that marked her childhood. Winner of many competitions, her love for this art is expressed in a quest for perfection and surpassing her limits.

Motivated by her desire to create, Mathi has been making costumes for over ten years. Corsetry and tambour are just examples of the many techniques she is working to master to achieve perfection. In addition to sewing, she specializes in the confection of accessories by mastering the work of foam and plastic materials.

Master ICG, Mathi has been able to compete in international competitions for her craftmanship and for the presentation. In 2017, Mathi teamed up with CelticSakura to form Voodoo Cherry team! Their victory at the Preliminary World Cosplay Summit (WCS) Canada allowed them to represent Canada at the WCS 2018 in Japan.

Mathi is part of Game of Thrones thematic group which would be present in the Exhibit Hall at Ottawa Comiccon and will be thrilled to meet you.