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Luanga Lue Nuwame

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Luanga Lue Nuwame is a comic book publisher, Youtuber, and cardboard craft artist residing in Mississauga, Ontario. Nuwame is known as the Homemade Game Guru on YouTube. His crafting channel specializes in handmade DIY projects, geek crafts, business advice, and oddities related to cardboard innovation.

Nuwame is the founder and chief writer of Zelpha Comics Ltd. The company specializes in publishing the comic book limited series Paper Rock Scissors N' Stuff Wars, the children's book series The Adventures of Little Petalianne, and the new horror series Dalf-Lo: A Cereal Worth Killing For. Through Amazon, Nuwame has self-published various books such as The Cardboard Bible (a DIY guide based on the Homemade Game Guru YouTube channel), Hi My Name is Karma (short story), The Fantabulously Awesome Life of a Charity Donation Truck Driver (exposing the donation business) and Smoking A 'J' With Jesus (humorous commentary on society and religion).

In 2008, Nuwame won a Award for making innovative online cardboard craft tutorials. In 2009, Nuwame obtained a World's Record Academy world's record for creating the largest handmade board game, which was based on the city of Mississauga. He offers a best-selling online course on to make a personal genealogy family tree board game. In 2017, during Canada's 150th anniversary celebration, Zelpha Comics Ltd. was the exclusive developer of Canada 150 trading card booklets. In 2020, Nuwame teamed up with indie comic book artists across Canada and the United States to create a fundraising 3D 'Superheroes VS COVID-19' cardboard poster to raise money for the Mississauga Food Bank. In 2021 Nuwame was nominated for The City of Mississauga's Visual Artist of the Year Award, and in 2022, Zelpha Comics Ltd. was awarded the coveted Desjardins GoodSpark Grant.

Since 2008, Nuwame has been featured in televised, magazine and newspaper media across North America. These outlets include: The Mississauga News, Reader's Digest USA, Our Canada Magazine, Global News, CTV News, CBC News The National, Newstalk 1010, The Toronto Star, Make Magazine USA, Inhabitat Magazine USA, The Toronto Sun, Global Innovation Magazine UK, The Huffington Post, Rue Morgue Magazine, Scream Magazine and numerous other media websites and publications. Comic book blogs Forevergeek, First Comics News and Bleeding Cool and featured Zelpha Comics' books.

At Ottawa Comic Con 2022, Nuwame will unveil the world's first cardboard articulated action figure series featuring 15 independent comic book superheroes from creators across North America.