GoBeyond Cosplay - Ottawa Comiccon

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GoBeyond Cosplay


Saturday 1 day


GoBeyond Cosplay is an ICG International Master cosplayer, with more than 15 years of stage and craft experience. As a jack-of-all-trades they specialize in generalizing, with plenty of practice in sewing, foamsmithing, and wig styling--among other things. Tthey approach costuming with the motto that they want to take on at least one new challenge with every project! They enjoy cosplays of all sorts, from simple builds to extravagant ones, from exact recreations to “what if Pixar’s Wall-E was a human person”. They love to share their skills and passion for cosplay through panels at conventions and tutorials online, and connecting to their local community through events like masquerades and meet ups.

Photo by SPS Cosplay Photography