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Geof Isherwood

Dr. Strange


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Geof Isherwood is known for his artwork on Dr. Strange, Conan, Namor, The ‘Nam, and the Suicide Squad primarily, besides short stints on Spider-Man, Thor, Avengers and X-Men titles during the 80s and 90s.

From 1998 to present, Geof entered the film world, working on over 100 shows notably on X-Men films Days Of Future Past (2014) and Age Of Apocalypse (2016). He recently provided art for Scream VI of the Ghostfaces and their victims.

More recently, Geof drew the final chapter of Necromantic with writer/colorist Lovern Kindzierski and two Medal of Honor stories for the AUSA. Geof has completed artwork a 204-page graphic novel Toby’s War with writer/creator Keith Davidson to be published later this year. He has returned to creator-owned projects and appears on with live drawing sessions.