David Lumsdon - Ottawa Comiccon


David Lumsdon

Street Fighter Comics
My Little Pony: the Manga


All days 3 days


David Lumsdon is a Canadian comic book writer from Ottawa. He has worked on various creator-owned webcomics, e.g. Ménage à 3, Eerie Cuties, Sandra On The Rocks & more. Outside webcomics, he wrote the 3-volume My Little Pony The Manga: A Day In The Life Of Equestria, the upcoming graphic novel Coral’s Reef alongside artist Shiei for Seven Seas, as well as a one-shot and backup stories for Udon's Street Fighter Comics. He also pens several Kickstarter funded & creator-owned superhero comics of the Ultraluminals-verse (Nightgale, Incredibelle, Infernica Sinn, etc...)