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Craig Taillefer

Wahoo Morris
The Chelation Kid


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Craig Taillefer is a Canadian cartoonist working in comics and TV animation. Best known for his creator owned comic book Wahoo Morris (Image/self-published), notable works include a story in the Eisner Award winning Comic Book Tattoo (Image) and illustrating the Harvey Award nominated daily comic strips The Chelation Kid (2007) and The Mighty Motor Sapiens (2008), and extensive credits in television animation including storyboarding on Nerds and Monsters, Total Drama Action, Littlest Pet SHop, Pound Puppies, Camp Lake Bottom, and The Cat in The Hat among many others. Recent works include The Damon Runyon Graphic Library Vol. 1 (forthcoming from Image and written by Eisner Award winning Derek McCulloch) and Wahoo Morris Book 2.