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With over half of his life dedicated to performing comedy, it’s easy to see why the stage seems like such a natural environment to Brendan McKeigan.

Since 2003, Brendan has become an internationally touring headliner; Appearing on CBC’s Laugh Out Loud, George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight, and more. He’s performed at Just For Laughs, the 1000 Islands Comedy Festival, The LOL Sudbury Comedy Festival, as well as The Crack Up Festival’s closing gala for 2300 people at the National Arts Center, just to name a few.

Brendan’s performed all over the world, including several overseas tours in the Middle East and Africa, performing for troops with Armed Forces Entertainment in Dubai, Kuwait, Iraq, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Turkey, Egypt, and more. He also filmed his first comedy special called, “Make It A Double,” available on YouTube, iTunes, Spotify and XM Radio. He is also a mainstay for both Ottawa, and Montreal Comiccon hosting various celebrity panels.

Brendan’s intriguing high energy, laid back, free-flowing style with clever story telling and creative analogies prove why he’s more observant than your creepy neighbour, why people are talking about his impressive talent, and why he isn’t the “next anyone”, he’s the first Brendan McKeigan.