Amy Jo Johnson - Comiccon d'Ottawa

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Amy Jo Johnson

Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers


Amy Jo Johnson is a multifaceted artist with over twenty years of experience in the entertainment industry. Working successfully as an actress for more than two decades, Johnson is most known for her roles as Kimberly Hart in the iconic series Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, Julie Emrick on the critically acclaimed series Felicity, and Jules Callaghan on the award-winning Canadian series Flashpoint.  

In 2012, Amy Jo stepped behind the camera to begin her career as a filmmaker. Her first three short films and feature screenplay have won numerous awards across North America. Released in 2017, her debut feature film The Space Between premiered at the Shanghai International Film Festival. The film was named project of the year by in 2015 and part of the Tribeca All Access Lab. In 2018, Amy Jo also developed her second feature film My Heart Is In My Head shot in Montreal.

Born and raised in the USA, Amy Jo moved her life to Toronto in 2008, after landing the award-winning series Flashpoint. The love she has for her new home has inspired her to become a Canadian Citizen. Amy Jo creates from the heart and is driven to hopefully inspire and help influence people in a positive way. This, to her, is what art and life are all about.